Goodwill Program

Integrity Services and Solutions, LLC, believes that as we are blessed, so we are called to bless others.

Our agency has a Goodwill Policy with a few programs currently and plans to develop more each year. Our current Goodwill programs include:

  • Paying it Forward
    • On behalf of each new client we make a donation to the charitable organization of their choice
    • List of creditable organizations for the client to choose from representing varied causes
    • Anyone with an charitable organization near and dear to their heart may ask it to be added to the selection list
  • Generating Generosity
    • Each quarter a charitable organization is spotlighted to help encourage awareness of their cause and donations to it
  • Seniors 4 Seniors
    • Annual award to a graduating high school senior who exemplifies integrity of character and provides service to the community, specifically the elder population.
    • Award is currently offered at two local high schools with additional schools to be added each year.
  • Random Acts of Kindness
    • In the month of February we encourage our clients to participate in Random Acts of Kindness week
    • Provide ideas and ways to promote kindness to others
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